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Great! We’re always accepting posts from the public. Whether you’re an experienced writer or just trying something new, there’s a good chance you’ll have something to contribute.

If you’re not yet familiar with what we’re all about, take a quick look at the About North Country Vitals page to learn more — getting to know us will ultimately help your chances of being published on our website. If you’ve already taken a look there, then you know we are northern New York’s premier source for health care news and discussion, with posts written by the community for the community.

Posts on our website can fall under a variety of categories, all of which are directly related to health and wellness. To get an idea of where your post might belong, here are descriptions of all our high-level categories:

  • To Your Health: Here’s to your health! Whether you are looking for tips to prevent the common cold, news about local hospitals and clinics or the latest advancements in health technology, you’ll find all health-related posts right here.
  • Your Mind Matters: Your mind is an amazing and important element of your body, and just like all of your organs and body parts, it requires care and attention to stay healthy. The posts on this page will focus on matters of the mind and how they relate to one’s mental, emotional and behavioral health.
  • Get Fit & Eat Right: Exercise and a healthy diet are two very important parts of living a happy, healthy life. When paired together, they can help you maintain a healthy body weight, prevent diseases like heart disease and diabetes and even improve your mood and outlook on life. You don’t have to be an athlete or a nutritionist to get fit and eat right — anyone can do it, and the posts on this page will help show you how.
  • Review the Facts: In between your regular check-ups and doctor’s appointments, the health care industry never stops growing and changing. Scientific research leads to new treatments and medicines, new laws and policies change how health care is delivered to patients, and data is always being collected to measure and improve care. The posts on this page will take you “behind the scenes” of health care and examine the ideas and information that are shaping the future.
  • Explore Our Community: While this page does not normally include posts, it does house our community events calendar, where you can submit events if you wish.
  • Spirited Discussion: Sometimes, health involves more than just one’s body and mind. Values and beliefs can also have an impact of health, as they often help guide our decisions and sense of purpose as human beings. Posts in this category examine the unique relationship between one’s health and spiritual life.
  • Consider Your Surroundings: Although we often forget or don’t notice, our living environment has a major impact on health and wellness. Our surroundings — whether they are natural or man-made — can affect our mood, behavior, body chemistry and overall quality of life. Posts in this topic will explore the connections between health and the environment, encouraging readers to think differently about the world around them.

A Few Rules

Regardless of what you post on North Country Vitals, we expect you to follow a few simple rules.

Why? Because this website is for all members of our community – young, old and in between – and we want to make sure all audiences are comfortable here. So please, before you post or comment, make sure you are familiar with these rules:

  1. All contributions to North Country Vitals should seek to educate, inform or encourage discussion on various topics surrounding health and wellness.
  1. Nothing you post on North Country Vitals should contain the following:
    • Professional medical advice or any content that could be seen as such by a reader, unless you are a licensed medical practitioner.
    • Someone else’s private health information, even if you don’t mention that person by name.
    • Curse words, profanity, hate speech or any other inappropriate content – including offensive language, photos, videos, symbols or other forms of communication.
    • Personal attacks on any individual or organization. It’s OK to express your opinion on North Country Vitals, but only if it is respectful and grounded in facts, research or personal experience.
    • Plagiarized content, or any content that is not your property.
    • Advertisements for a product or service. It’s OK to make a recommendation to your readers, but North Country Vitals will not accept posts from contributors who are trying to sell something.
  1. We don’t recommend you share your own medical information, but you can if you wish. However, please make sure your purpose is still to educate, inform or encourage discussion among others.
Should any post, comment or contribution to North Country Vitals violate the above guidelines for submission or be deemed objectionable, North Country Vitals reserves the right to remove the post without warning and/or restrict rights to that contributor. Final judgement on what is or is not appropriate is solely reserved to North Country Vitals staff. By creating a profile, you agree to follow the rules outlined above.

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