north country vitals

Who are we?

North Country Vitals is northern New York’s premier source for health care news and discussion, written by the community for the community. It seeks to educate, inform, and encourage discussion on all topics of health and wellness.

It was created by a small, local group called the North Country Health Compass Partners and launched in the spring of 2017. Members of the Health Compass Partners are your neighbors, friends and community advocates. Many of us work in the health care field, and we all meet once a month to work together and improve the health of Jefferson, Lewis, and St. Lawrence county residents.

In 2013, we created a website to give our community access to a wide range of local health data. These facts, figures and graphs are very useful, but we soon realized that something was missing from our site: a place for discussion!

We recognized that our community needed a place online to talk about health and wellness, share ideas, reach out for help, find resources, and discover what’s happening in their neighborhood…

…and poof — North Country Vitals was born!

What will you find here?

We believe that North Country Vitals has something for everyone. 

Our website is structured to accommodate posts about a variety of health and wellness topics.

Can saying “Thank You” every day make you healthier?  You can find out here. Looking for a good place to go kayaking in the summer?  Yup, we’ve got that too. Need a weekend activity?  Head over to our community events calendar and find one!

The possibilities for learning and discussion are endless here at North Country Vitals. If you see something missing, you can even write it yourself! To get a better sense of what you’ll find on our site, here’s a description of our post categories:

  • To Your Health: Here’s to your health! Whether you are looking for tips to prevent the common cold, news about local hospitals and clinics or the latest advancements in health technology, you’ll find all health-related posts right here.
  • Your Mind Matters: Your mind is an amazing and important element of your body, and just like all of your organs and body parts, it requires care and attention to stay healthy. The posts on this page will focus on matters of the mind and how they relate to one’s mental, emotional and behavioral health.
  • Get Fit & Eat Right: Exercise and a healthy diet are two very important parts of living a happy, healthy life. When paired together, they can help you maintain a healthy body weight, prevent diseases like heart disease and diabetes and even improve your mood and outlook on life. You don’t have to be an athlete or a nutritionist to get fit and eat right — anyone can do it, and the posts on this page will help show you how.
  • Review the Facts: In between your regular check-ups and doctor’s appointments, the health care industry never stops growing and changing. Scientific research leads to new treatments and medicines, new laws and policies change how health care is delivered to patients, and data is always being collected to measure and improve care. The posts on this page will take you “behind the scenes” of health care and examine the ideas and information that are shaping the future.
  • Explore Our Community: While this page does not normally include posts, it does house our community events calendar, where you can submit events if you wish.
  • Spirited Discussion: Sometimes, health involves more than just one’s body and mind. Values and beliefs can also have an impact of health, as they often help guide our decisions and sense of purpose as human beings. Posts in this category examine the unique relationship between one’s health and spiritual life.
  • Consider Your Surroundings: Although we often forget or don’t notice, our living environment has a major impact on health and wellness. Our surroundings — whether they are natural or man-made — can affect our mood, behavior, body chemistry and overall quality of life. Posts in this topic will explore the connections between health and the environment, encouraging readers to think differently about the world around them.

We’re glad you’re here with us, and we hope you’ll take time to browse posts, add a comment or start a discussion of your own.

We welcome all questions and feedback. Let us know your thoughts by clicking here and sending us a message.