Friday Fix: March 16, 2018

A plan to cut nicotine out of cigarettes, noted speaker to talk about suicide prevention in the north country, and information about depression in our region

friday fix

We get it – keeping up with daily news is hard.

That’s why every other week, North Country Vitals picks three pieces of important healthcare news and compiles them into the Friday FixSome are local and others affect our state, country, or world. We even do our best to break down complicated subjects and offer commentary to help you understand how the news affects your daily life.

So, what has been making headlines in healthcare recently? Here’s what we found:

1. “FDA Advances Plan To Slash Nicotine In Cigarettes”

The amount of nicotine in cigarettes may soon be sharply reduced in an effort to help wean smokers off the deadly habit, according to this report from National Public Radio.

NPR’s Rob Stein reports that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is considering new product standards that would make cigarettes “minimally addictive or nonaddictive by setting a maximum nicotine level.” However, it is still unclear how much nicotine will be cut from cigarettes, and how long it will take before the change happens.

Click here to read more about this proposed policy.

2. “Noted speaker on suicide prevention plans north country talks”

According to this Watertown Daily Times article, the United Way of Northern New York will soon be bringing a noted speaker on suicide prevention to high schools across the North Country.

Roger Breisch, of Batavia, Illinois, has spent 15 years counseling teens on the Illinois and national suicide hotlines. He will be speaking at South Lewis, Beaver River, Gouverneur, Massena, Thousand Islands, Indian River, Watertown, and South Jefferson high schools and at Immaculate Heart Central School.

To learn more about these upcoming events, including times and dates, click here for the full story.

3. “Morning Checkup: Depression”

Winter time can be a concern for many who experience — or who are at risk of experiencing — depression, especially here in the North Country. On this edition of 7 News/Fox 28’s “Morning Checkup” segment, Samaritan Medical Center’s Dr. Jason Lulejian talks about mental health concerns in our region.

According to Dr. Lulejian, one of the unique problems faced in our region is a lack of treatment options. He says there are approximately four psychiatrists per 100,000 people in Jefferson County, which makes it difficult for those who need help to access it.

To watch the full broadcast, click here.

See you March 30th for the next Friday Fix!


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