Natural Pre-Workout Snacks to Maximize Your Results

Whole Grains, Hummus, and Eggs among healthy pre-workout options

Pre-Workout Snacks

So, you are ready to workout but don’t know what kind of foods to eat for pre-workout energy. You want foods that are a great source of energy, but that are also light and won’t upset your stomach while you exercise.

However, the fancy, chemical-filled energy drinks aren’t exactly your cup of tea. You want natural, healthy options, without breaking the bank. The struggle can be real, but there are some great natural options that don’t put a dent in your wallet either.

Read on to find out some of the most natural, energy giving pre-workout snacks!

Whole Grains — Whole grain foods are a great source of healthy carbs. I know, I know, the word “carb” may seem scary, especially before a workout. After all, you’re working out to get rid of the negative after-effects of too many carbs, right?

pre-workout snacks
Brown rice is a healthy carb that can give you extra energy before a workout.

Yes, that’s technically true, but those carbs you are trying to get rid of by working out were most likely the unhealthy kind to begin with. There are healthy carb options that will provide you with energy without diminishing the productivity of a workout.

Some examples of healthy carbs are whole grain bread or brown rice. These are lighter carb options that won’t hinder productive exercise, while still providing you renewed energy.

Bananas — Bananas are a great option for a high potassium pre-workout food. They provide natural sugars that increase your glycogen stores, providing you with more energy.

Bananas are also a great food source to increase blood sugar levels. If you are looking for an affordable, healthy food to boost your energy before a workout, bananas are the pre-workout snack for you!

Cranberries — Cranberries are a great source of carbs, and only a small portion is needed for ample energy.

Not only are they a light snack, but they are also known to prevent urinary tract infections and help with cleansing your body’s internal organs. They may not be your conventional snack, but they are a great light, carb-filled option!

Pre-Workout Snacks
Combining hummus with vegetables can give you extra energy before you exercise.

Hummus — Not only is it tasty, but hummus is a great source of carbs, protein, and unsaturated fat. It is light enough for a pre-workout snack but has enough substance to fuel a successful workout.

Eat hummus with a vegetable like celery for additional energy. Combining hummus and brown rice will give a surplus of protein, fueling a longer, more intense workout.

Eggs — One of the best pre-workout snacks are eggs. Whether in the form of an omelet, scrambled, or sunny side up, eggs are a great choice.

They provide a light, protein-rich snack, and will give you enough energy for a high-intensity workout. Add vegetables, like avocados or peppers, for added fiber and vitamins. Add a piece of whole wheat toast, and you’ll be fueled long after your workout ends!

Now that you’ve heard about some great, natural snacks for before workouts, don’t waste any time hitting up your local grocery store! Remember to also hydrate pre-workout, as well as having a quick bite to eat.

Now, off to the gym you go!

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