Friday Fix: December 29, 2017

Giving Tree Program Benefits 160 local families, 24-year-old frozen embryo born, and the impact of new blood pressure guidelines

friday fix

We get it – keeping up with daily news is hard.

That’s why every other week, North Country Vitals picks three pieces of important healthcare news and compiles them into the Friday FixSome are local and others affect our state, country, or world. We even do our best to break down complicated subjects and offer commentary to help you understand how the news affects your daily life.

So, what has been making headlines in healthcare recently? Here’s what we found:

1. “Giving Tree Program brightens holiday for more than 160 area families”

The past couple of weeks saw fewer local healthcare stories than usual, which is typical for the holiday season. However, this story from the Watertown Daily Times serves as a positive reminder that efforts to improve community health and well-being are not put on pause for the holidays.

According to the story, more than 160 families in St. Lawrence County received toys, clothes, grocery store vouchers, and other items during the Canton Church & Community Program’s “Giving Tree” project, which relies on donations from the community. Nearly 400 children received gifts from the program, and around 200 winter jackets were distributed.

To read more about the Giving Tree program, click here.

2. “Couple has baby from 24-year-old frozen embryo”

It may sound like the plot of a science-fiction movie, but this headline is 100% true! This amazing tale of modern science, which appeared on NBC News, introduces us to Emma, a baby girl who was conceived in 1992 and not born until November of this year.

She was “frozen as an embryo and donated to a Knoxville faith-based clinic that specializes in embryo donation and adoption,” the story explains. Despite being frozen for nearly a quarter-century, the baby appears completely healthy. She is quite possibly the oldest embryo ever born.

So, just how common are frozen embryos? The NBC News report says…

“There are no standard statistics on how many frozen embryos are in storage in the U.S. but the [National Embryo Donation Center] and other organizations estimate that it may be as many as a million.”

Click here to read more and see photos of baby Emma.

3. “What Do New Blood Pressure Guidelines Mean For You?”

Your blood pressure might need to be lower than you thought, according to this recent report on WWNY-TV7/FOX 28’s “Your Health” segment.

“New guidelines from the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology say high blood pressure starts at above 130 over 80, rather than the old standard of 140 over 90,” reporter Jeff Cole explains during the broadcast.

This story also interviews Lewis County General Hospital Cardiologist Dr. Ashok Patel, who said he believes the new guidelines will be beneficial. Click here to watch the full report.

We’ll see you January 12 for the next Friday Fix!


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