Online Health Library Launched by Massena Memorial Hospital

Online database will assist people in taking better control of their health

online health library
A screenshot of Massena Memorial Hospital's new online health library.

Do you have basic medical or health questions? Need advice on how to handle breastfeeding your newborn when you return to work? Want to to learn tips to reduce or manage stress in your life?

You can find all this information and more on Massena Memorial Hospital’s Online Health Library, a new component of the hospital’s redesigned website.

Massena Memorial Hospital wants to empower residents to improve their health by providing a resource which allows them to test their knowledge in a variety of health matters. The online library does not replace the advice you receive from your physician. This tool should be used in conjunction with information from your doctor or to guide you in questions you can ask your doctor during your next office visit.

People can access the online health library by visiting the hospital’s homepage,, and scrolling down the page to the “Health Library” box.

“We wanted to introduce a service where people could research health matters related to them and their families around the clock. All you need is Wi-Fi and internet-connected device,” said Tina Corcoran, senior director of Public Relations, Planning, and Physician Recruiting.

Visitors can search for medical topics by typing a word or phrase in the search bar signified by the magnifying glass, searching articles through the A-to-Z listings, or by clicking on one of eight drop-down tabs: Conditions and Treatments; Health Centers; Drugs, Herbs & Supplements; Nutrition & General Wellness; Your Family; News Center; Healthy Living and Tools & Multimedia.

Thousands of topics — from asthma to the Zika virus — can be found on the wellness library. Nutritional facts on food, ranging from cooked kale to Wendy’s french fries, are also featured on the database. People can watch more than 90 videos to better understand a wide range of medical topics.

Health topics for specific genders and age ranges can be found when one looks under Children’s Health, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, or Mature Adults in the “Your Family” health tabs.

New information is updated on regular intervals through a wire service subscription. All printed articles in the Online Library can be translated into more than 100 languages at the click of a button.


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