Mapping Child Obesity Across New York’s School Districts (Interactive)

More than 1/3 of Jefferson, Lewis & St. Lawrence county kids exceed a healthy weight

This map shows the percentage of students who are overweight or obese in New York State’s school districts during the period spanning the 2014-2016 school years.

Explore the data by zooming in on specific school districts and clicking to reveal more information. Darker shades of red indicate school districts with a higher rate of obese and overweight students.

Points of Interest

For the 2014-2016 measurement period, the statewide rate of obesity for students enrolled in public schools is 17.3%, excluding New York City. An additional 16.5% of students are overweight.

Rates of obesity for students in Jefferson, Lewis, and St. Lawrence counties exceed the statewide average, with rates ranging from 15% in some of the region’s school districts to more than 25% in others. County rates are as follows:

  • In Jefferson County, 18.7% of students are obese
  • In Lewis County, 20.3% of students — about 1 in 5 — are obese
  • In St. Lawrence County, 22.0% of students are obese

Including overweight children, over 35% of children in all three counties exceed a healthy weight, with the portion of obese or overweight children verging on a majority in some school districts.

In general, the school districts with the highest percentages of obese students in the state comprise rural areas and small towns. While some rural districts have low percentages of obese students, the lowest rates of obesity are generally found in suburban districts, especially those suburbs with low rates of poverty and high rates of college attainment.

The source for this data is the Student Weight Status Category Reporting System, available from the New York State Department of Health’s Data Portal.  This dataset does not include student weight data for New York City. For more information on child obesity in the tri-county area, refer to the August 2017 edition of Regional Health In Focus.


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