River Hospital’s Hope + Healing Campaign Receives $100,000 Gift

Gift from two local families will support the Hospital’s Emergency Department

Hope + Healing Campaign
Mr. and Mrs. William and Jean Berry and their daughter, Peggy Hale, in front of the Berry residence on the St. Lawrence River. The families are long time supporters of River Hospital, and their recent generous donation will support improvements to the hospital’s emergency department. Photo by Marta Beach.

River Hospital has received a major gift from two local families to support its Hope + Healing Campaign, which will fund renovations and improvements to its campus in Alexandria Bay.

Mr. and Mrs. William and Jean Berry, and Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Peggy Hale recently donated $100,000 in support of the capital campaign, which seeks to enhance services provided in the main hospital building and rebuild the historic Monticello building across the street for the delivery of integrated primary and behavioral care, as well as physical therapy.  As a thank you for the generous gift, the triage room in the hospital’s renovated emergency department will be named in honor of the Berry and Hale families.

River Hospital was recently awarded a grant of $9.5 million through the statewide Health Care Facility Transformation Program, which requires a $4 million match from the community.  Thanks to the incredible support of community members like the Berry and Hale families, the hospital is more than half way to this goal.

“We’re just so grateful that River Hospital is there, and we want to help make sure it has a strong and stable future” said Mrs. Hale. “My family has had to use the ER on many occasions, and it’s essential to our feeling of comfort and safety being on the River.”

Mr. Berry said that one thing that is important to him is the thorough and patient explanations he gets from providers at River Hospital:

“I have a PhD in Chemistry, and I expect to understand things; I expect them to make sense,” he said. “At River Hospital, the providers always let me ask questions, and they explain everything to me until it makes sense. I never feel rushed, and I always feel heard.”

“We are most appreciative for the generosity of the Berry and Hale families,” said Ben Moore III, River Hospital CEO. “Their support for the triage room in our emergency room is especially meaningful for all of us at River Hospital, as this is the site where we have ‘first contact’ with many of our patients. Their generosity will enable us to have a state-of-the-art and patient-friendly environment — so important to our patients when they are seeking potentially lifesaving care.”

Community members wishing to join the campaign effort can direct their giving to any one of several programs that will be upgraded through the Hope + Healing project, including: physical therapy, behavioral health, primary care and the emergency department.

For a list of naming opportunities by department, contact Stephanie Weiss at 315-486-2920.


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