Take Time to Paddle and Ponder

A First-Hand Account of First-Time Kayaker

paddle and ponder

Our region offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities, and every year I make an attempt at a new outdoor activity…Summer 2016 was no exception.

A friend invited me to try kayaking, and WOW — what an amazing experience!

Our adventure began at a public boat launch on South Sandy Creek in Ellisburg, with me wobbling into a small kayak. It was perfect for a novice like me because it was light and easy to handle. Once I was safely seated, I received a brief instruction session that covered paddling, turning and most importantly kayak safety.

paddle and ponder
An impressive beach and sunset greeted us as the creek opened into Lake Ontario.

After slowly and carefully using my paddle to push off from shore, I began paddling at a leisurely pace. The calm, winding creek flows through the surrounding Lakeview Wildlife Management Area and empties into Lake Ontario for about a 3-mile round trip paddle.

Although it was a new physical activity, it was very relaxing. I was able to enjoy and appreciate the natural surroundings while I conversed with the other kayakers. I certainly enjoyed going with a group, but kayaking is something that you can do by yourself and could be quite meditative.

Growing up in the Southwest, outdoor water sports opportunities were very limited. I enjoyed my kayaking experience so much that I am now the proud owner of kayaking gear. I cannot wait until I can load that on my car and head off for some more kayaking adventures.

I highly recommend every one try it at least once. If you’re looking for a good overview of kayaking basics, click here. If you decide to take the plunge and purchase gear, I found this website to be quite helpful.

Until next time – happy paddling!

Make it Happen:

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