Happy Groundwater Awareness Week!

National Observance for "Misunderstood Resource" Runs from March 5-11

Bet you’ve never celebrated this holiday, have you?

Well, there’s a first time for everything — so Happy National Groundwater Awareness Week! This observance, spearheaded by the National Ground Water Association, runs from March 5-11 every year.

According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation:

Groundwater is an often misunderstood resource that provides one quarter of New Yorkers — and half of all Americans — with their drinking water. It can be found virtually everywhere on the planet at depths ranging from very shallow to very deep.

groundwater awareness
This diagram from the DEC’s website shows how groundwater is formed.

Just like its name suggests, groundwater is rain that falls to the ground and — rather than running off into a lake, river, stream or other body of water — seeps down into the Earth.

After trickling through a later of soil and rock called the “unsaturated zone,” the rain arrives at the “saturated zone” and becomes groundwater. It’s then extracted for domestic use, irrigation, agriculture, industrial purposes and more.

Groundwater Facts:

  • Groundwater feeds nearly 500 billion gallons of water into U.S. lakes and streams daily.
  • America uses 79.3 billion gallons of groundwater a day — the equivalent of taking 1.5 billion baths!
  • India is the largest groundwater user in the world, using 66.3 trillion gallons every year.

Want more? I knew you’d love this holiday. Check out this video from the National Ground Water Association:

For more information and materials about National Groundwater Awareness Week, click here.


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